How To Get Rid Of Wasps

It’s really an unpleasant experience to have a wasps nest around our homes. Constant humming and buzzing create an irritation even if you are relaxing in your couch.

Most conventional processes to drive these out from the compound are associated with killing wasps but there are some other effective ways to not only get them out but also to stop them from coming back again.

How to Get Rid of Wasps

Let’s move into the actual part we want to discuss about- how to get rid of wasp nest. Before taking any action, make sure you are okay with the following points-

  • You are not allergic to wasp sting: You can check it by a test otherwise call an expert and ask him or her whether the wasp sting of the nest can harm you. That’s just for precaution.


  • You have all protective gears: Wear clothes like long jeans and sweater. Don’t wear any lose fit dress. You can also wear gumboots and hand gloves. If don’t have hand gloves, I would recommend to get one right now.


  • Type of wasp: Before dealing with the wasps in your yard, you should know about the type of wasps. Generally there are three types available – Hornets, Yellow Jackets and Pepper Wasps. Pepper Wasps being the most dangerous.

Yellow Jacket

Pepper Wasp

European Hornet

  • Destroy the Wasp net at night or early morning: At morning or night wasps are less active and if you fire up or smoke up the nest the reaction time will be slower and you can burn the nest fully before wasps can escape.

Don’ts While Killing Wasps

Here are some Don’ts you must know before we start.

  • Don’t use ladder: We warn you not to use ladder to reach the wasp net. You may fall if the wasps fly towards you.


  • Keep children and pets away: Before final smoking, keep your children and pets away from the zone. If possible shut down the windows and doors of your house and ping neighbors also.
  • Always plan an escape route: Always get an escape route clear for you as the wasps are very dangerous.

It’s an intelligent move to opt different ways to destroy wasp nest. Generally wasps build nests in ground, garage and wall or in the branches of trees.

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Use Pesticide Spray- If the nest is on the wall or garage

Using wasps killer sprays on the nest is an effective way to get rid of them. Spray the aerosol on the nest at night and notice the nest in the next morning. If you find any improvements, repeat the process and spray again for next 4 or 5 days.

wasps spray

It will leave all wasps dead. If you think it’s safe to knock the nest down, pull it using a long hook.

Use insecticidal dust- If the nest in on the ground

The yellow jackets build nest on the ground. Sevin 5 Garden Dust can be the effective insecticidal dust. Get a disposable tea cup and fill ¼ of the cup with this dust and apply it directly on the nest.


Remember that you must not block the entry point of the nest. When a wasp passes through the entry passage its wings and legs get coated with the dust. As it enters the nest, all the other wasps get contaminated.

Use dish washing soap- A homemade pesticide for wasp

If you don’t want to use pesticide, use dish washing gel instead.  Apply dish washing gel mix with water directly on the nests.


Spray it on the entry points of the nest. It acts as natural killer agent for the wasp.

So, these were some methods by which you can get rid of wasps. If you have any questions, drop in a comment below. I would be more than happy to answer. Also, if you are fed up of carpenter ants, here’s how to get rid of carpenter ants forever in just a few days. Check it out.