How To Get Rid Of Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ant is a serious issue if you are fond of wooden furniture and artworks. Just Like termites, it does not eat wood pulp but it rather builds nests in woods.

This black-brown colored half inch creature can cause a lot of issues by digging your wooden furniture. Ultimately these little creatures damage the furniture completely if you fail to notice them early.

Sometimes they bite too which causes severe inflammation and swelling! Their bite pushes formic acid in our blood stream which results in extreme pain.

The main question is how to get rid of carpenter ants? Here are the most suitable ways to fix this issue and get rid of these ants permanently.

Wait: Before taking actions- be Sure it’s Ant, not termite

Before proceeding, we need to make sure that we are dealing with carpenter ants and not termites. Though both of them create almost similar types of damages, we can easily differentiate the creature.


Carpenter ants bore the wood and create frass (sawdust materials)while termites eat the wood completely and leave no residue.

In order to be more sure on this issue, try to locate the damp portions of your furniture. Once the portions are traced, tap on the places, you will see the culprits behind this massive damage.

How to control Carpenter Ants- Way to get rid of this pest

Getting rid of the most dangerous creature in ant family is not that easy. They hide deep in the woods and in most cases it’s very difficult to find the actual nest. This is because they dig many holes and channels to store food and we often misunderstand one of them as the main nest.

Here are some ways to get rid of the Carpenter ants.

1) Using toxic bait to poison them


If you did not find the nests properly or if the nests are inaccessible, using toxic bait to lure the ants is the best way.

Mix the bait with some carbohydrates like sugar and place that near the nest. They will come out one by one and take the baits in the nest.

Within two or three days the whole colony will get poisoned and will ultimately get killed.

2) Use Boric Acid

Another effective method to destroy carpenter ant colony is using Boric acid. Buy a bottle of boric acid, dust and mix it with Sugar and place the mixed thing where ants are seen.

antkillerAnts will take the mixture in their nest and eat it. Boric acid creates toxic reaction in their body, finishing their colony.

3) Using Fume and Sprays 

Extreme fuming can be effective. Using non-repellent residual insecticides like Taurus SC or FUSE is another way to get rid of this irritating pest.


4) Using Vinegar

Mix Vinegar and water in a 50:50 ratio and pour the mixture into the holes where you suspect the nests are.
You can use eucalyptus instead of vinegar too. It is very acidic in nature and melts their shells.

5) By Sealing all the damp portions & preventing breeding of carpenter’s ant

It’s an indirect process to keep the carpenters ants away from your house. Seal the affected areas of the furniture with some sealants and clean up the areas where they actually go in search of food.

Seal the ways to get into the nest and ways to food, in this way you can create an ultimate opposite condition for their survivals.

Another effective plan would be to clean the surroundings of your house and remove all the natural debris like leaves and wood piles. These are the natural place for breeding.

6) Maxforce Carpenter Ant Bait Gel

If it’s your kitchen or bedroom where carpenter ants have declared war, then place some small pools in there. We are sure that not a single one will dare to poke its head there for three months at least.

ant baitThe population of ants will noticeably decrease after a consistent use of the Maxforce Carpenter Ants bait gel. Go ahead and try it out!!

7) Advance Carpenter Ant Bait-8

It’s another very good insecticide specially formulated for carpenter ants. The chemical Abamectin present in it is used as a strong insecticide. One thing should be mentioned here that abamectin is delayed action insecticide and it takes 24 hours to 48 hours to be activated as poison.

Place it with a bait in all the major places where carpenters ants have been seen. Advance Carpenter Ant Bait-8 is known to halt carpenters’ egg production and this ultimately results in colony elimination of this irritating animals.

8) TERRO 16 oz. Carpenter Ant Aerosol Spray

TERRO aerosol spray provides fast killing action and long-term residual control. You can directly spray it into the wall voids and infested woods.

spray ant
Terro Ant Aerosol spray wipes out the full colony living inside the wood and wall within few days of applying it.

9) TERRO 600 1-Pound Ant Killer Dust

Sometimes use of the bait becomes very tough in some places. That’s where Terro Pound Ant killer Dust comes into play. Dust can be used even in the remotest locations without any hesitation.

ant dust
The best part of this ant killer dust is it won’t wash away in the rain or water and will remain effective up to eight months after applying.

10) Pest Repeller Ultrasonic

If you are looking for something that would be hi-tech then Pest Repeller ultrasonic repellent is the ultimate answer for you.

ultrasonicIt does not affect your pets while restricts all the other pests excluding bed bug. It works well against carpenter ants and provides faster results than anything else.

So, these are some steps you can take to get rid of carpenter ants. Do you have a good method to share on how to get rid of carpenter ants? I would love to hear that. Drop in a comment below and let us know.