The Best Roach Killer- Kill Roaches in One Week

We all are fed up or roaches capturing our homes and making it a hell of a place to live. It’s very important to get rid of them permanently and not temporarily so that they don’t come back.

A lot of people ask me how to get rid of roaches. So, here I am sharing my personal experience of how I killed the roaches and which is the best roach killer.

Which are The Best roach killers?

It is really important to control the roaches because they are a primary health hazard. We understand most of you would go to the nearest market and get the pesticides available which promise to have a long lasting effect.

But do you know those pesticides are really dangerous and can’t be used with children and pets around? In this article, we are going to portray effective ways that can be used to get rid of roaches completely. We will be listing the best roach killer that actually works and has least ill effects.

The effective ones:


What really works to get rid of roaches are the exterminators. Though they are effective, they are very expensive and should be saved as the last choice.


The cost can be more than $100/contingent depending upon how intense the infestation is. But one thing you can stay assured is roaches can be definitely eradicated by exterminators and it’s a full proof method to get rid of roaches.

Roach baits:

Using cockroach killer baits is regarded as one of the safest means to eradicate roaches. This is because you don’t have to touch any chemicals in this method.

In most cases, the baits are effective for around 3 months and thus are one of the best options available in the market for eradicating roaches.

All you need to do is just place the traps at certain corners. The only drawback, though, is that these baits or traps are small in size and are fit only for small or medium sized roaches. Still they are one of the best ways to kill roaches.

Adhesive traps can also be used to kill roaches. Actually, these traps work like glue and cockroaches get attracted and stuck within the adhesive liquid only to be killed easily.

Boric Acid:

Boric acid can be labelled as the most effective roach killer available today. It’s cost effective as well. If used correctly, it offers the best possible results. Since most people do not pay attention to the instructions of using Boric Acid, they end up getting bad results.


The key to success in using the boric acid for killing roaches is following instructions absolutely as they are. Remember that the boric powder should be applied in such a thin layer that is almost invisible to the naked eye.

Do not spread too much because if a lot of powder is deposited in a certain place that place will be avoided by roaches since they do not walk through heavy depositions.

The ineffective ones:

Citrus Liquids

When people ask me how to get rid of cockroaches, this product always comes into my mind. Not for the positive reasons though. These liquids might have a huge promotion and advertisements in the market, but remember that apart from making your apartment smell like lemonade, they are of no use. These do not work and we can say that your house shall be bombarded with roach droppings.


Application of soap and water

Spraying roaches with soap and water might slow them down for some time but that shall not do you any good in the long term. Both the bathing and dishwashing soap mixture do not work.


Cucumber Peels

Cucumber peels has the capability to weave off cockroaches. But there is no assurance it will be useful for you. And the worst part is the roaches might make some lunch out of it.


Well, jokes apart, this method is not at all a good one and it is better to avoid this technique.  A few individuals have tried this technique and according to reports, it was a total disaster.

Herbal leaves

This is just another ineffective solution to prevent and kill roaches. You need to remember that cockroaches are always looking for water and food and if you are going to place food items to eradicate them, it’s obvious that the process is not going to work.

Instead, it would cause more roaches to come at the place where you are putting cucumber and herbal leaves (which is now the food for your roaches) to eradicate them.

Factors that Inhibit the generation of roaches
Now, apart from looking for the best process to eradicate or kill, there are certain factors to remember which will inhibit the generation of roaches in your home. So, while you are looking for how to get rid of cockroaches, you must also check how to inhibit growth of roaches.

Limiting food resources: if you have pet foods, additional or
waste human foods, then it must be seal packed in a separate container.
Do not leave dirty dishes within sinks or counters for a whole night
without washing them. It is essential sweep off any crumbs from
floors or counters overnight. And also, take out the trash and
dispose of out of your home.


Limiting water resources: Special attention needs to be given in certain places where there are chances of getting waterlogged. Since such places attract roaches to a great extent. Check out the puddles of the kitchen or the bathroom floors and water bowls for pets. Also, you should take care of the slow dip that takes place under the washing machine which creates water deposition and makes a place for roaches to settle.

Killing ants and their debris: In case, you find such places where living creatures can settle, then destroy such places and their debris using vacuum cleaners. It may not be possible to destroy all the hiding places but clean them as much as possible
to prevent further generation of roaches in such areas.

Finally, the best roach killer gel:

We have discussed all the safe and possible measures of roach killing and how to get rid of cockroaches, but this one is completely different from all the above-mentioned measures of roach killing.

This product is undoubtedly the best of them all and this is why it is worth mentioning. It is named DuPont Advion cockroach gel bait. It is a really strong substance and has the ability to get rid of cockroaches for a very long duration of time which is up to several months.

best roach killers

This gel should be applied in the crevices and cracks of your house. This will not kill on contact and does not force you to kill them once they get stuck in the wall. This gel kills the roaches after some time once they reach their colony. It cannot be denied that, since this killer paste takes up some time to act, you shall have to wait patiently, but once it starts its work, you shall have the best results.

Some additional tips
You can also opt for the roach poison bait to kill roaches, but not all of the roach poisons are effective enough to kill them. And few of these poisons may lead to some complications. These poison comprises of Hydramethylon and Chlorpyrifos, which, if gets inside your (or any other person’s) stomach, it can lead to vomiting, excessive drooling, stomach pain and defecation.


Combat platinum roach killing gel can be used, since it is safer than roach poison baits. Also, you can opt for the bait products which are sold in drug stores and hardware shops. In certain small bait stations, you shall have special insecticides. They are also safe for the environment and do not trigger any adverse effects in pets or people.

At the end of our article, we would say that all the above-mentioned ways of killing roaches are not 100% foolproof, but the procedures which have been mentioned are truly effective.

According to our survey, the best and most effective one is Advion gel prepared by DuPont. Still, you need to be careful while dealing with these insecticides, pastes, sprays, gels or any other toxins for eradicating cockroaches.

If there are small children or pet in your house, then you need to opt for the safest method to protect them also (which in this case is using the DuPont Advion gel). Try to put pesticides or gels in such places that are not easily accessible to small children or pets. Remember that a single dosage of this gel is effective for 3 months and for better effects, you need to repeat the procedure different times.

best roach killers

This is how to get rid of roaches. However, if you still are not able to take care of the situation it is better to call for professional help to avoid endangering other people or children who live in your place. And if you have found this post really helpful to you please offer a minute to share it with your friends through Facebook, twitter or any other platforms.