Do it Yourself Bugs Control- Easy Guide

Do It Yourself Bugs Control
Pests are the most typical irritation creating insects and animals. They not only cause economic losses but a lot of mental disturbance as well.


We know how desperately you want to get rid of them. And that’s where DIYBugsControl would prove to be very helpful to you.

In this post, we have covered common pests and the ways to get rid of them.

Ants- The Little Devils
This innocent looking pest is extremely had to resist because if it’s small size and huge population.

It’s  very tough to drive the colony of ants away. Cracked wall and tree trunks are their hideouts. The antennas of ants can detect where the food is(especially something rich with carbohydrates). Ant bite causes severe pain with reddish swelling.

Sometimes silos are attacked by millions of ants in summer because in warm season ants become active while in winter they are hardly seen. Though we generally don’t count it in “Pest” category but don’t you dare to underestimate the power of millions of ants of a large ant colony.


They can vanish tons of seeds and crops within few days. To keep ants away some natural ants repellants like cinnamon and tartar cream can be used. However,  If things turn worse then chalks made of petroleum jelly should be used.

are among the very few pests that have been unchanged for millions of years.  We fear them because cockroaches bring a lot of virus and bacterial diseases like Salmonella and E. coli.

The appearance of a cockroach is little irritating. This strange looking and famous insect carries lots of very dangerous pathogens.

Roaches can be found anywhere in the world, from hot desert to freezing poles of the earth. They have an awesome adaptability power to adapt to any condition and environment!
gelbait-compressorWe have covered the best  roach killer in great details. You must check it out.

Wasps- Dangerous Ones
Wasps are one of the most dangerous pests. It not only cause insecurity for the children but also bites sometimes.


Generally, they are of three types – Hornets, Yellow Jackets and Pepper Wasps. Pepper Wasps being the most dangerous of them all.

wasps spray

Using wasps killer sprays on the nest is one of the most effective way to get rid of them. Just spray the aerosol on their nest at night and check for the improvements in morning. and notice the nest in the next morning. Based on the improvements, repeat the process and spray again for next 4 or 5 days.

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Bed Bugs
Macro image of an insect bed bugs, clear tube to withdraw bloodBed bugs are really dangerous. If they get the chance to suck ample blood from your body while sleeping, they will breed leaps and bounds.

Bed Bugs become very active during night. There is nothing to worry about as bites of bed bugs are not that dangerous and in maximum cases symptoms vanish within twenty-four hours!

It does not transmit any disease. Though living with it is more irritating than any other pest. It can ruin your sleep and the bed.

The best way to get rid of this bug is to throw the mattresses under direct heat of sun for at least six hours and continue it for three days. If the issue goes beyond control it is recommended changing the bed covers and mattresses. And call the pest control team to get a fume wash of the rooms.

We all know what termites can do. If you are a damn fan of wooden furniture, you must take care of this pest as it can cause devastating damage to the wooden properties.

In America, termites cause massive property damage i.e. over $5 billion! We need to be more cautious when dealing with wooden things as damages can go beyond control till we spot the culprit.

If you spot a termite, try to find out the colony nearby. Who knows, it may be in your own work desk! Use naphthalene in the rooms of your house including drawers of your desk and wardrobe to push this tiny but dangerous pest away from your home. Borax, orange oil, and neem tree oil are the natural killers of termites.

Rats/ Rodents

Rats are identified as one of the most common pests which not only ruin our crops but also ruin our household lives too.

The contaminated foods cause severe infections starting from plague to Cholera etc. Best way to keep them away is to use rodenticides like Zinc Phosphide. Mice traps can be the most suitable thing to control them.

Rodenticides is a very effective weapon to kill the whole colony of rats in your house. They work very well and can solve your rat problem once and for all.


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Other Bugs


This reddish brown insect is found all over the world and are natural human blood sucker. Though generally flea bites cause inflammation, itching and sometimes allergic symptoms, it can transmit serious diseases like tapeworm and typhus.
Natural herbs and aromatics like citronella, lemon, rosemary and wormwood can also deter fleas from sticking around us.



Flies go everywhere in search of foods. They carry a lot of bacteria and spread diseases swiftly.  Homemade traps can be very useful to control flies.


Lice grow in scalp and lay eggs which are generally brown in color. Some varieties of it can infect your whole body!

Shampooing by mild vinegar and water followed by a shampooing with tea tree extract can give relief. Do it three or four days consecutively to get the best result.


This tiny pest is found in damp areas where rays of sunlight don’t reach. They suck animal blood but the strange part of the life cycle of a chigger is that in a phase it lives on grass and leaves- fully vegetarians.


You need to take care of our clothes especially during jungle safari and jungle camping. Spraying on the clothes is the best option to avoid it.

Meal Moths:

This half inch long pest can do more harm than you could think. It can be found across the rooms of your house, from kitchen to bedroom and from pet’s room to guest room!
It is considered as one of the most dangerous bugs as the contaminated foods can contain carcinogenic secretions that come from its urine! But the best part is that we can easily get rid of this one easily if we wear a pair of gloves and start cleaning.


Though it is a cute creature often seen in our backyard garden. But sometimes it becomes a reason of getting off from the mental peace. Squirrels eat the seeds given to the birds in the bird feeders and often tears the leaves of the vegetables. Using some techniques like fencing the garden or placing the poles of bird feeder away from the trees we can get rid of Squirrels. Remember one thing, these animals are really intelligent and can find alternative ways to reach to the foods.

Using pesticides is not recommended every time because those harmful chemical can cause more harm than pests if handled incorrectly.